About correct language use

A language does not begin its life in a university or any other academic institution – the point of these organizations is to organize, research, and to somehow have rules emerge out of seeming chaos. That’s important so that the language can be understood, and it’s possible to hand it down to the next generations. The research object of linguists is the real language, the one which we hear on the streets, which we see on the internet and in literature, etc. The laws of a language come from this real, alive language.

What is a sustainable translation, and why it is important

Being sustainable is very much in fashion nowadays. Living eco-friendly, zero waste, and so on... A sustainable translation, to say the least, is one which you don’t want to throw out. Let’s be honest – we want to throw out rather often. Imagine, you buy a new, very fancy oven, the newest from Germany or wherever. It has a lot of cool features, control it with your phone, use it to kill your neighbor, the whole shabang. And you, as a regular customer obviously open up the manual in your language. After a few pages you start giggling, perhaps laughing, after a few more you full on facepalm, post images of the manual on the Internet, and then decide to somehow make do with the manual in German or whatever.

A short introduction

Welcome! You have arrived at the official Sonkeigo blog, where we plan to introduce you to the inner workings of how a translation business is run. They say that nowadays nobody reads further than the headlines, and that’s why it may be the case that nobody will read this, but who cares? I, however, hope that our experience will help someone, maybe give someone some inspiration.