About us

The translation agency Sonkeigo was established in 2011 and has grown into a company with clients in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, France, USA, China and Australia. Today Sonkeigo is a small company with a stable and growing customer base, a team of knowledgeable specialists and experience in using many different technologies. The main value of the company is their employees – translators with ten or more years of experience who are reliable, skillful and responsible.

In addition to translations of general nature, for example, various documents, marketing tests and websites, Sonkeigo also provides specialized translations in different fields, including medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, logistics, finance, mechanical engineering etc. We also offer the localization of software and mobile apps, i.e., translation of content, adapting it to the location, culture etc. of the target users. We achieve this by using professional translation and terminology tools, mainly MemoQ and Trados Studio. We also offer translation and subtitling of audio and video files (with or without a transcript).

Sonkeigo experts also provide error correction in existing translations or original texts, text adaptation (for example, for marketing purposes) and post-editing of machine translations.

Regular clients of the company include both different technology enterprises, software developers, start-ups and large, worldwide translation agencies for whom Sonkeigo has been a reliable partner in the Baltic market for many years.

As any translator and translation agency, Sonkeigo serves as a bridge connecting people and ideas. The Latvian symbol Jumis in our logo is believed to bring harvest and wealth. We are the same - we grow by helping others grow. This philosophy is also showcased in our name "Sonkeigo". It is a linguistic term in Japanese describing the highest level of politeness or, in other words, a language style which is used for communicating with clients and superiors. It is a way to express humbleness, respect and genuine care about other person’s needs. Care is one of the four basic values at Sonkeigo. It means that our task is to take care of our clients’ problems and bring peace of mind to them. With “problems” we understand anything that needs to be translated.

Another important principle we include in our everyday work is humane, understanding treatment of both our clients and employees. No matter what the situation is, we always try to be open, friendly and cooperative, and are happy to receive the same treatment from our clients. Besides, we always have time for some coffee and conversation about any questions.


Everything begins with an idea


which turns the whole world upside down


and makes us do things in a different way,


to find our way and people with whom


we can climb mountains and finish a bag of salt,


to create a culture


which makes people happy


and lets us believe that


we should never ever give up...

Our clients appreciate:


We always think we can do better so we aim for higher and higher standards. And we reach them.


We always look on the positive side and do not search for problems where there are none.


We truly wish for our clients to achieve their aims and we do all we can to make it easier for them.