Specialized translations

We offer translation services to businesses and organizations in various fields. Our years of experience have helped us ensure accurate translations in fields such as medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, transport, mechanical engineering, electronics, and more. Whatever your needs may be, rest assured that we will provide the necessary assistance!

Our experience

FINANCIAL translations

  • The financial sector is expanding beyond traditional banks to include insurance companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, non-bank financial service providers, and other alternative financial solutions. This means that translators must take a creative approach to incorporate new terms and concepts into the language to support the introduction of innovative financial services. We have worked with reputable brands such as Paxful, Binance, Bondora, Inzmo, and others to provide language solutions for the financial industry.

LOGISTICS translations

  • The field of transportation requires various types of translations, including those related to freight, logistics, postal services, as well as the construction and usage of cars and trucks. Moreover, with the increasing digitization of the transportation sector, translations often involve the localization of software and mobile applications.
  • We have extensive experience in working with renowned brands such as Wisetech, DHL, Nova Posta, Omniva, Toyota, and Renault among others.

MEDICAL translations

  • Translation work in the medical field is a highly precise and responsible task that demands a lot of time and effort. It requires thorough research and proofreading to ensure accuracy. Our team of experts is well-versed in both human and veterinary medicine, and we offer our services for clinical trial documentation, patient records, device and instrument descriptions, instructions, and other medical documents.

MARKETING translations

  • Marketing has become a complex system that includes various elements such as mobile apps, social media posts, SEO optimization and more. Translating such content can be a challenging task because the translator's primary objective is to capture the attention of the target audience. The translator must have a vivid imagination, be skilled in playing with language, and have the ability to choose the appropriate words for the right context and timing.

LEGAL translations

  • Accurately translating legal documents is crucial as errors can have serious consequences. Legal translations can range from technical and dry, such as standard contracts and regulations, to highly emotional, requiring the translator to remain objective despite the gravity of the matter at hand.
  • We offer translation services for all legal documents that don't require notarization. Please double-check if notarization is required before placing an order.

TECHNICAL translations

  • "Technical" refers to any type of text that requires a specialized approach. It involves paying close attention to the consistent use of terms and phrases, and following different standards and guidelines. Examples of such texts can be anything from food labels to a tractor operating manual. These texts are generally informative and need to be clear and understandable. Machine translation (MT) tools are widely used for translating technical texts as they mostly follow standardized formats.

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